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Hellow, angels! \(^▽^@)ノ I'm here with a new review.
This time is for the TONYMOLY Delight LipTint [$4.58] in the shade of Red, sponsored by the great korean cosmetic store Jolse.
The "tutorial" that you will see it's strictly MY WAY TO MAKE the gradient/ulzzang lips look. I don't follow any rules, this is the way I love to apply my liptint to make it last.
First of all, the shipping is really fast, I'm situated in Europe [more exactly in Romania] and the package comes all the way from Korea. The staff is excellent, kind and they also give you a tracking code.
They have FREE SHIPPING, and they give you a bunch of gifts and free samples!!
The parcel arrived in mostly 15 days. And it was wrapped like thiiiis:
You can already see the bunch of gifts I got from them! I was so excited and surprised!O(≧▽≦)O
Secondly, I haven't been using Liptint for too long, I started one month ago [almost 2] with a Liptint by Etude House, in a brighter shade. I loved it a lot but it was upsetting cause it would fade pretty fast when you eat or drink something. Until I tried the TONYMOLY Liptint which I'm crazily IN LOVE with, at the moment.
The color is strong so you don't have to apply a lot. It smells like grapes and TASTES LIKE GRAPES ❤ [oh well.. typical Yukia..]. It dries on your lips fast after applying it, and the color stays on your lips for more than 4-5 hours + eating and drinking. But I advise you to not apply liptint every time you finish eating or drinking something[ in case you feel like applying it or that's what you're used to do], cause each time you apply it, it gets a darker and darker shade and you might end up with dark red/purplish lips. Like you froze to death or somebody kicked your ass.
I tried this at first because my brain farts and I considered my lips not red enough or that the color faded and I ended up looking pretty bad. I was and still am a lipstick addict. So don't do that! The color is there, it fades really hard. Trust your tint!! (*´∀`*人*´∀`*)
Steps [again, this is only how I use it, might not be the same on the internet]:
  1. Apply your lip concealer/primer.
  2. Apply a first coat of liptint, don't apply a lot, but some drops[no, the liptint it's not watery, but I can't explain in other way ;-;]. You can smudge it on your lips with your finger [but your finger will be all red]. I don't advice you to smudge it with the liptint's applying tool because it has A LOT of tint on/in it. Or you could use any other lip applying tool. This will give you a shade of pink on your lips that will last for some time.
  3. Apply little drops of liptint on your inner corners of your lips and smudge them gently with your fingers. You can always add more tint to get the appearance you wish for.
  4. Apply a lip gloss, preferably transparent. Use enough lip gloss to give you the shine, don't make it heavy. [my way] After I apply the lip gloss, I put some more tint on the inner corners of my lips. It will get dry fast and it won't fade because of the lip gloss.
In conclusion, I give this products a 100★/10★ (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))). The TONYMOLY Delight from Jolse gives me the look that I wish for, it doesn't fade away if I eat or drink, so I don't have to be a slave of the mirror or redoing my makeup.
Jolse is a great store, with affordable prices and great quality. They have excellent brands with a great variations of products from makeup to skincare.
Take a look!
Thank you for your time!
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