Pinkicon Review (´∀`)♡

Hellow, angels!ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ
I'm here again with a new review!
Decided to write it today in the last minute, since tomorrow I'll be going to the hospital in other city for some investigations and I don't know if I'll stay there for a few days or not (╯︵╰,)...
Anywho! This review is for the beautiful GEO Super Nudy Blue circle lenses sponsored by Pinkicon!
These are the lenses description:
Brand: GEO
Product code: XCH-622
Origin: Korea
Diameter: 14.80mm
Water Content: 38%
Duration: Yearly
Material: HEMA

The parcel arrived in exactly 15 days, in a highly secured envelope. The envelope was covered on the inside with bubble wrapper to secure it.
It was a really fast shipping since it came from China!
The cute bottles were also packed in bubble wrappers so they arrived safe!
I love how they send you a Cosmetic Lens Wear and Care Instructions, a little adorable brochure of their store with other promotions and makeup products in it! With such lovely design.
They also give you a little card where you could write on the prescription of your lenses, and the expiration date so you could never forget! I'm in a desperate need for these kind of stuffs cause I have 8 pairs and nowhere to write. Here they have space for 4 sections! Kudos for this, loving it!
You get a free lens case, and the invoice of your order.

Here are the pictures of the parcel:

 Picture of the bottles, wrapped.

Picture of the cute cards and instructions and promotions they sent:

Picture of the lenses:

The lenses are a light blue, surrounded by a black circle with a nice zippery design. The blue gently fades, leaving some transparent spots so it could nicely blend in with your natural color.
I find the design of it really playful. I have brown eyes so the lenses shade on my eyes are of a dark blue, really decent and natural.
The lenses are comfortable and easy to apply, they are so soft i barely feel them. I started to feel a bit uncomfortable after 6 hours of wearing them!
Kindly reminder, if you feel uncomfortable after a few hours, the best thing is to gently take them out so they wouldn't harm your eyes.
If it hurts your eyes as soon as you put them in, gently take them out and see if they are on the right side and try them again.

They work on so many styles! I tried the with a gyaru inspired makeup, but they would work on a casual makeup.
On light eyes the color might pop out a bit, but not so much so it would attract much attention.
They blend really well with my natural eye color, giving a baby look.
Honestly, those are my first blue lenses! And I'm really impressed. They are not the natural blue color, that bright one. They are the opposite of it. Since I'm not a fan of blue eyes, they are kinda scaring me, but I don't hate them! Just terrified! They are warm, pleasant, the ocean blue.
I love them!

Here's a close-up picture (click for zoom):

Thank you for reading this! You can use the discount code [A24680000] for 5$ OFF (except for toric lenses).
Pinkicon do not only have circle lenses, but also have cosmetic products and fake eyelashes!
Check them out! the stuff is really nice and friendly, they reply to all your messages and help you out if you're in need!
Great shipping, great service, great products! Why not?

Thank you for reading this, here's a picture of me wearing the lenses, kyukyukyu!

Byee ~

Uniqso Review ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺ

Hellow, minna!
Happy Halloween!! ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺ
I hope your Halloween goes much better than mine. I'm still sick, locked in the house (๑-﹏-๑) but the antibiotics are starting to kick! Feeling a bit better than the last few days...
Well ,well. Getting to the point!(。´∀`)ノ
I'm here with a new review!
I will be talking about the wig called Lolita S sponsored by Uniqso .

It arrived in a month, unfortunately!
It was sent from China and perhaps that's why it took so much time!ヽ(;▽;)ノ..
It was wrapped in a normal wrapping plastic bag, and the wig was in a sealable plastic bag, as usual, surrounded by a cartoon to protect it.
Inside the wig, where the wig cap was, it had a little paper ball to keep keep it safe from clinging or messing up.
Here are the picture of the packaging:
Here's the inside of the wig:

About the wig now!
This is the model pictures

I love the wig cap! It's deep, you have enough space to place your head. 
I have a wig from eBay where the wig cap it's just too small for my head and I always have to pull it so the bangs would cover my forehead and I wouldn't look like a complete idiot xD.
It has adjustable sizes and it's comfortable and secure. 

You don't have to worry that it would fall if you wear it outside in a windy day!
And I love the quality of the wig! Its so easy to brush and you won't lose lots of hair!

I love how natural the wig looks, you wouldn't say it's a wig! it's not shiny, and the colors are not intense.
As you can see, it's a bit curly at the edges.
Even if it's easy to brush, if you wear it a lot and especially outside, you'd have to brush it from time to time cause it gets a bit tangled. But not in a ugly messed up way, but it's better so it wouldn't get more difficult later to brush.
My other 1m purple wig it's so tangled that I can't brush it anymore! So, yeah.. brush your wig!! x3.
Remember! When you brush your wig and it's really tangled, start from the edges and gently advance until you reach the roots or so. It prevents your wig from hair loss!

This is one of my favorite wigs! I wore it plenty of times already, even outside!
The warm red at the edges makes it look fancy, it's so pretty!
Never though I'd love it so much, since I wasn't a fan of blonde wigs!

So yeah, overall:

Brush difficulty: not difficult at all kyukyukyu
The blonde with the red blends in really well, I love the combination. The blonde it's not disturbing and the red its not intense, just perfect so you could look fancy!
I've worn the wig in my Halloween makeup too.
It works on many style as you can see.
Totally satisfied
Overall: 100x

Final picture with me, don't get scared!

Thank you for reading this!
If you are interested in buying from Uniqso, you can use my 10% discount code "yukia"!
They don't only have wigs, but also contact lenses, scleras, skincare and makeup products!
You can find more picture of the wig on my Facebook page, or Tumblr!
Have a great day and see you next time! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Review for PinkyParadise!

Hellow, minna! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ
It's been a while. Sorry for being gone for so long ((o(;△;)o)),
I had a few difficult moments in the past month, also being sick I didn't really have the energy to write something (゚´Д`゚)゚.
But not I'm here with a new review for the Halloween lenses sponsored by PinkyParadiseヽ(;^o^ヽ)
They are called Pretty Crystal Pink, or i.Fairy Super Crystal Pink and you can find there HERE.
You can also use the code "yukia" at your checkout so you could get a mystery gift! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Now about the packaging and shipping!
It got here pretty fast, in 15-17 days [weekends included].
It was wrapped in a normal packing envelope, the lenses were nicely wrapped in a pink safe tape as you can see in the pictures.

I love how they are so careful with their orders and packaging!
They give you a free and super cute animal lens case aaanndd a little pack of hair pin! Like thiiss:

Now, about the lenses!
Brand: VASSEN 
Origin: South Korea
Diameter: 14.5mm/15.0mm 
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 38%
Life Span: Yearly
Prescription: -0.00 ~ -8.00

The lenses are a light pink, with different shades of it and black. The color blends pretty well with your natural eye color. It gets darker on brown eyes, but on light eyes it gives a shade of light red.

Lenses from above:

Picture in the lens case:

The lenses do not give a natural look, they are more likely to be worn on special events like Halloween.
Tho I wear them in normal days too, the color pops out and catches attention around you [especially here where contact or circle lenses are not so popular]. 
They do not pop out in a bad creepy way [well.. depends on your makeup] but the color is really strong, and I love that!
I also love how the design of the lenses gives you a charming dolly eye, or a radical scary look, that's why I combined both of them.
I totally recommend them on Halloween or parties! 
They give you a strong intimidating look!
Review of the lenses:

Excuse the messy makeup at my right eye. I firstly did this makeup with one pink eye and one black eye, and I had to change the lens for the review picture and I teared a bit (*/ω\*).

Since the Halloween it's so close! I reviewed these lenses with a Halloween makeup! It's not so scary but enough to fit into the holiday! (‘∀’●)♡

You can find more pictures on my offical facebook page~
Or on my tumblr~

Have a great Halloween! 
Don't forget to visit PinkyParadise for their great offers, service and products!